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Hotel La Salitella Matera

Immerse yourself in the heart of Basilicata

L 'Hotel La Salitella, a warm and friendly place, surrounded by greenery and located in the heart of Basilicata, just 45 km from Matera, the "City of Stones", at S.S. 407 Basentana, between Potenza and Metaponto.


A welcoming and comfortable environment, ready to surprise you!


The hotel offers rooms with all the comforts to make your stay unique.


Our chef will delight you with typical dishes from Basilicata.

Salandra and surroundings. What to visit.

Cosa vistare in Basilicata

Salandra is an Italian town of 2851 inhabitants in the province of Matera. It stands on a hill, where the Cavone river begins. The village is characterized by an area that overlooks the Salandrella valley with distinctive clay overhangs, while the opposite side, which faces the Gruso stream, is characterized by expanses of trees, olive groves and orchards.


In Salandra you can visit several historical monuments:

  • The Convent of the Reformed Fathers
  • The church of S. Antonio, which houses an organ of great historical value
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity (mother church)
  • The church of the Madonna del Monte
  • The Castle, dating back to the twelfth century

    Hotel La Salitella


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